How to split the strings in JavaScript

by Sai gowtham  1 Min read

In this tutorial, we will learn about how to split the strings in javascript.

The split method helps us to split the string into an array of strings by using a separator where the exact place to split. it takes two arguments first one is a separator and the second one is limit.

Separator: We need to tell the split method at which point each split needs to occur in the string.

Limit: How many splits we need in the string.

const str = 'Hello javascript'

If we don’t specify a separator argument it will simply return a whole string in the array.

string split method JavaScript

Using separator argument

const str = 'Hello javascript'

split method

const str = 'javascript|is|a|high|level|programming|language'

split method JavaScript

Using limit argument

const str = 'javascript|is|a|high|level|programming|language'

split method limit argument JavaScript

Have you seen in the above image by using a limit argument it only split first 3 matches in the string?

Happy coding….