How to get the part of a string in JavaScript

by Sai gowtham  1 Min read

Substring method helps us to get a particular part of the string by using the start index and end index.

Substring method accepts two arguments.

 const name = "jshype"


 //output--> "js"


 //output--> "shy"

start index: In the first argument, we need to specify the start index.

end index: In the second argument, we need to specify the end index (end index is not included in the output).

const name = "jshype"


// output-->  "hype"

If we specify only single argument substring method returns a part of the string from that index up to end of the string. Like in the above code.

How to use Slice method?

We can also use slice method to get the part of a string.

const name = "jshype"


//output--> "js"

const lang = "JavaScript"


//output --> "Script"

Mdn docs show that String.prototype.substr() is not part of the core JavaScript language and may be removed in the future. If at all possible, use the substring() method instead.

Happy coding..